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Dinar Guru TNT Tony: The rate in Iraq is $3.66 as of 6:38 pm PST

11-14-2013 TNT Tony: ¬† ¬†Finally, it took all day but FINALLY, the last required documents have made it to the UST. I know someone told you that there were no more documents to be signed or delivered, but they don’t know about the new deal. It doesn’t really matter though, you will see it when the RV is announced. IMF and UST are currently working together to finish this asap. This will remain a multiple agency project until it is finished.

We have been informed that the rate in Iraq is $3.66 as of 6:38 pm pst. It was at $3.44 earlier…we have been informed that cards were once again loaded with different rates. “It will not have an impact on our rate.” All essential personnel have been called to duty and are currently working on completing this task. They have been briefed to expect you sometime tomorrow and all day Friday.

We have been told that they expect 2.5 million appointments to be made in the first 24 hrs and their goal is to get them in and out in the first 5 to 7 days. It didn’t happen when it was supposed to (earlier today it was expected) but it is happening now. Again, we should see the RV here within 2 to 6 hours of the official public announcement in Iraq. At this point it will either be announced early in the morning or during the day tomorrow. Just be ready to go. This is what I am hearing and I am sticking to it. I believe my sources are the best in the business.

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We received confirmation on Jun 6, 2015, via a civil complaint and asset forfeiture notice filed against Sterling Currency Group LLC, that there have apparently been one or more "dinar gurus" being paid by Sterling Currency Group/Dinar Banker, including TerryK who was allegedly paid $150,000 by Sterling, to essentially "pump" dinar sales. We've been equally concerned about the so-called "intel" and other information provided by TNT Tony (Anthony Renfrow) who recently plead guilty to wire fraud charges and was sentenced to 366 days in Federal prison on November 30, 2015. This appears to be at least his second major criminal conviction for fraud. "TNT Tony" apparently conned over 200 people out of almost $5 million in a Ponzi scheme he ran with a partner. The judge who sentenced him also ordered Tony to cease his involvement in currencies and told him no social media, no calls, no meetings, etc. And, after telling everyone on his calls how great the Iraqi dinar was, TNT Tony apparently told the federal prosecutor in court, point blank, that he did not hold ANY foreign currencies. Weird, huh? We think he probably had access to some of the assets that Sterling had placed into one or more of its many business entities (that were seized by the FBI), as he also admitted to working for Sterling Currency before quickly backtracking and denying it. Tony's calls had tended to pump up dinar sales for Sterling quite heavily before the FBI raided them. His calls tended to repeatedly build anticipation during the week before getting folks very "excited" and in a frenzy on Thursday/Friday for something to happen over the weekend that never did. This went on for YEARS (search our archives for TNT Tony). Tony previously participated in a paid membership site that brought in an estimated $30k to $40k or more per MONTH before apparently being kicked out by his partner and starting his own site. Tony's latest site has allegedly taken in a large amount in donations that *far* exceed any costs incurred in running the site or calls and is now apparently run by numerous professional con-artists including his brother "RayRen98" (Raymond Renfrow). You can Google "Raymond Renfrow IRS" for some information on him. As we no longer trust *any* of the "dinar gurus" out there in dinarland, we will no longer be sharing any of their rumors or fake "intel" with our readers who should consider all such information, on all dinar sites, to be tainted or completely corrupted by dishonest and possibly criminally-minded individuals.

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