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Tony Blast #1 /Thoughts from a TNT Intel Team Wife

Thursday Evening………Just so you know…. I shared a little of what the TNT intel team goes thru on the call yesterday and in my second blast tonight I plan on sharing more with you.Before I share any info tonight, I wanted to share how one of the spouses of the TNT intel team feels.  I think it is important that you know why we are here.

Everything that I say on the calls and every blast I make here seems to make it to every site in dinar land, let’s see how far this goes.  You can judge a man’s character not by what he says, but by what he does.  Let’s see what these other sites do with this.! Tony


From a TNT INTEL TEAM Spouse:

Just a heads up, I sent this to recaps in response to Okie’s boot-licking
post: (Recaps is confused which post here??????)

This makes me mad. Mad enough to come out of the shadows for 2 minutes.
Statements like this or ‘I’ll be grateful for .50 cents or whatever scraps they toss us dogs’ reminds me of the old “lie back and think of England” or worse the sign above the gate at Auschwitz; ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’.  Translation: “Hard work will set you free”. Right. They make me want to throw something. Up, mostly. Because it’s just wrong! We are NOT second-class citizens. We are not greedy or “ungrateful” to want our FAIR share of this blessing, just like the elite. 
This is America; our Rights have been fought for, sacrificed for, and bled for- so I’m not ‘rolling over and taking it’ from a bunch of lobbyist-licking, self-important narcissists who think they’re better than we are. I’m from Virginia, and we don’t ‘do’ roll over/play dead for anyone. Oppression just P*sses us off.And speaking of Fair Play, while I’m here- I am tired of watching Dinarians eat each other, as some of you struggle to get a handle on whom, or what, to believe in all of this government-engineered, ego-driven chaos.
So here’s a newsflash for the confused, from someone who ISN’T. (BTW, I certainly didn’t ask for anyone’s approval or permission to post this) You can bank on every heartfelt word, or stay confused; I don’t get paid either way. I’m just one of you, so here goes:My husband is ON Tony’s intel team, and I SEE how hard they work in addition to their regular jobs and obligations. How long they work: 24/7 and thru meal times, sleep times, and due to time zones- sometimes thru the night. Then get 20 minutes sleep and do it ALL over again.I see how passionately they struggle to understand and inform: without crossing
any legal lines, without bashing our government, insulting anyone’s
intelligence, or betraying the people helping us. Because, yes;
sometimes the info is such a closely guarded secret, that the PTB would
know Exactly who it came from.Sometimes they have to dance around that piece of the puzzle, lest someone go to jail or lose their job. So while No one wants to betray a ‘friend of TNT’ they also don’t want you left  in the dark like mushrooms.

They’re not being mysterious or cryptic or talking in code, they’re being CAREFUL. Unlike some out there that seem to enjoy that garbage game to feel important.

I know this team (and who they work for) which officials, agencies, and businesses they’re talking to, when, and how often. I listen to them trying to sort the sh#t from the shinola, so they don’t propagate the lies the PTB want to feed to YOU thru TNT (and other so-called gurus.)

I watch TeamTNT attempt to compile the downloads of data from around the
world into a coherent picture; to bring you an accurate view of the
scenarios being played out -for and against- all of us. I listen to them
tiptoeing around politico egos and putting old friendships on the line
to get another necessary bit of the puzzle- for YOU.

I watch their successes and their failures, I watch them ride the rollercoaster until
they’re crying with frustration and ready to puke! Then pick themselves
up and do it all over again the next day.

And I can tell you one more thing for D*&^ SURE: none of them are
making a PENNY off anyone, period. Not now, and not in the future! The
reason (I suspect) most everyone on the team is doing this, and I would
KNOW for one person at least; is purely for the sake of KNOWING what is
going on!

Because it makes the wait easier, and keeps the PTB from  blatantly trying to get one over on all of us; and they ARE trying to, and HAVE been trying to all along.

As added bonuses to YOU, it also (hopefully)

A.) Prevents some of the MANY nasty con artists from freely preying on
you; and

B.) Helps shine a light on those in this community that are spreading
pure fertilizer-grade BS, just because they love the spotlight and
attention, or the money they make off you. Jeez-some here are operating
purely for the sympathy points now. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

Few of you will ever know how hard TeamTNT actually works behind the scenes for NOTHING from any of you. Only to be called liars, fools, mouth-pieces for the PTB and/or scam artists. This community is Blessed that Tony and Co. are better people than I am, because I wouldn’t do their job for love OR money, and yet they’re doing it HONESTLY, day in and day out, for neither. Thanks for letting me vent.


Again, this is from one the TNT intel teams wife and I think you should know how she feels.  I will be doing an information update blast that will include the results from yesterdays call and what you can look for in the future.

TNTDinar 12/19/13 Tony


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  • crazyhawk

    This is just textbook scam artist stuff here. Clearly, some people are starting to open their eyes to TNT Tony. I believe that within reason, Recaps finally got tired of all the e-mails and questions and comments that people were typing in. They finally gave in and allowed the true thoughts of many to not be censored. And, boy did they comment.

    Now, Tony and his supposed intel team (that is still just Tony) writes a scathing letter to show how hard they work, how they do it all for free (bullshit), how they do it all to make sure that we are properly informed. Okie does this same crap every once in a while when the heat starts to get too hot. He fires back with a stupid rant about how he isn’t going to post again and how hurt his feelings are with all these mean comments. Everyone comes to his defense and they go on and on about how he was sent to us from God himself. Makes me want to puke.

    This letter wasn’t written by the wife of an intel person from Tony’s team. This was written by Tony or his wife. They want you to feel sorry for them and they want you to back off. They want the heat to die down because there really isn’t any way that they can come off of their silly story. They really went too far this time with the whole “live rate in other countries” crap. They are trying to come up with their next story, plan, etc. to keep you hooked in. In conclusion, they are scumbags and this letter is nothing but another ploy in their playbook.