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TNT Tony Wed. CC Recorded Link and Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U

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TNT Tony Wed. CC Recorded Link and Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U

Notes from FlPatriot59 at I4U:

TONY – Good morning, TNT. It is definitely, definitely, without a doubt going to be a superfantastic day today just based on the news today and it could be out of this world today! I know you heard a lot of things yesterday and I follow what’s on the boards, people going crazy, etc. This is the “adult” board and whatever is said will correct itself.

T – I usually get the best info in the evenings. People were at the banks and they are there today. This is our new word of the day: no longer “soon” or “imminent” but, based on everyplace we call and every discussion I’ve had this morning is “DONE, DONE & DONE.”

T – people who were called into the banks are saying it has now been completed. There are live rates. We’ve talked to 3 banks and the gov’t agencies and all the rates are the same, down to the penny. The exact same rates. That’s a good day. Should this have gone before? Yes.

T – I know you saw the rates were live for 15 minutes, 45 minutes, etc. we’ve seen this before. This was part of the problem and part of the solution. They were still catching people all the way thru yesterday. They were using the live rates to cash out friends, family, specific people. Part of the change was putting a new authority in place to make sure that doesn’t happen.

One change was leveling the playing field with the banks; another was changing the procedures so you can get a higher rate. They are there right now at cash-out locations and call centers, in FL, TN, DC, CA, TX, and AZ. Manned right now. They are waiting like we are waiting. They have been told as of this day it is done. The 3 dates I gave you were 10th, 16th and 26th. Any moment between now and then we should see it.

T – The rates are inbelievable at the highest rates. It’s been raised up because the US Gov’t has negotiated it up. The more they argued they more benefit we get. That’s why the 30 days is in place: nobody should be gambling with it, playing games, etc. because nowhere in your wildest dreams did we think it would get this high.

T – Regarding the Indonesian Rupiah, the rate is $1.08 across the board. Do NOT buy anymore IQD, VND, IDR based on what I’m telling you. It will not go live until the 800#’s are issued to each bank. Each bank will have their own 800#’s issued by the UST and as soon as those are issued the rate will go live. This can happen anytime in the next hour, next day, or before the 30th. There is no reason for this to go beyond the vote debt ceiling vote this morning, which is why I’m looking at the 26th.

T – Why are you all complaining since the rate keeps going up the longer they negotiate? There is a reason behind why it didn’t go yet.


Q – We were told if we exchange VND to pay off reserves that WF would then give us a lower rate. A – How would WF know you cashed out already? The banks don’t share info. The FINCen form goes to the UST for criminal tracking. Somebody’s lying to you to cause you to do something they want you to do. Don’t worry about this. Cash out as much dong as you want to. The people I’ve talked to in the banks say if you call the 800# (group number), whether you go with that group or not, you’re going to be linked to that group.

T – I don’t know any gurus or intel people who are telling you this. I’d run as fast as possible from them because they don’t have a clue how banking works.


C – where does the 800# number come from? You? The bank? Can we exchange a few IQN first? T – the dinar is not tradeable currency right now. You can buy it but not sell it back. Someone called Travelex this morning and was told it is now tradeable currency and they would buy it back at $500/M. The banking system itself won’t be activated until the UST issues the 800#s and they are public, so that all banks are activated at the same time. You won’t be able to go to the banks and exchange until the 800#’s are issued. They have not been instructed about those 800#’s and they won’t know until 20-30 minutes before it going live.

T – Am I going to get the info? Yes. A lot of people, thru their contact, will get the info as well. When we get the call telling us it’s live, we’ll send out a text that the RV has happened. The text will include the current rates. Then I’m headed to the banks, then will do a TNT call.

C – will the possible gov’t shutdown affect the RV in any way? T – it’s affecting it right now. It hasn’t gone live because of the pending vote. They don’t have enough votes to shut down the gov’t. We are in the window and the 26th was a date I was given, which is tomorrow. Do they take it to the last minute?

C – rate for IDN and VNN? T – $23 for the IDN and $3+ for the VNN. Be prepared!

C – There’s no rush to CE the VNN, right? T – There is no rush on the VNN but it will go up and then come down.



C – Is the “leak” from the Chicago area going to affect the RV? T – It affected it yesterday.

C – In your blast you said you were going to tell us “it.” What is it (who is holding it up?) T – I was probably going to cross the line a bit since I was frustrated. The rates did go live and a lot of people were manipulating it. So they had to go back and update the system to stop this. The “techinical” problems really weren’t techinical, but were people trying to game the system for higher rates. It was held back because of the ME situation. All of that had something to do with it – they weren’t trying to frustrate us, but other people. There was a method to their madness.

T – today we’re right up to it, right where they said we would be, whether it’s today or tomorrow. We have a 5-day window when this should be over (by Oct. 1). Are they going right to the last day? Last minute? Or go before that.

T – today it’s done. We wait for the 800#s to come out, then for them to flip the switch. The call centers are manned waiting for the calls but there won’t be any calls until those numbers are put out and the ball gets rolling. It won’t be in the news, not in the newspapers, not written across the sky. I’m going to put out the text, but my first phone call will be to Okie because he deserves it. I’d like to see him get that call before me.

C – I’m trying to develop strategy for day 1 post RV – 2 banks said account credited within 48 hrs. of deposit. I don’t want to wait for appointment to cash out small amount but don’t want to cash out one note to be put in my account 2 days later. Travelex said they would only do CE up to $50K. T – everybody will not max out at $50K. Simply walk into the bank and you’ll get the cash you want. They are expecting us within 2 hours of the release of that number. They are taking appts at call centers and are scheduling up to 11PM.

C -On the 800#s, you said they’d be issued by the UST. Is that just for the 4 major banks? T – I don’t know. They didn’t tell me that. I don’t know about the smaller banks. My understanding is that WF is the only one doing the group – they’ll have 2 numbers, 1 for the group and 1 for the bank. Make sure you know which one you’re calling. We will post those numbers on our website.

C – will the rate on the IQN change during that 30-day limit? T – It will go up and down.

T – we were told that if this isn’t done by Oct 1 then the IMF will take over again.

C – Once the RV happens the VNN rate will be live and I can walk in and exchange? T – correct. you won’t need an appointment for the VNN. You can walk right in and exchange.

C – Based on the higher rate, is it less than $30? T – yes. C – Can we negotiate above the base rate up to the UST rate? T – while the rate is high, it’s not the celing. If you don’t want to negotiate or you’re restricted you are going to love this rate. Just go get your money and live your life. You may want to negotiate the interest rate. If the rate is over $23 how much more do you want? They will offer you privileges, unlimited card, concierge servive, etc. The perks are different based on how much you have. If that rate comes out at that rate, it won’t matter if they have 1 dinar note, they’re going to get that rate. You won’t have to argue the rate for others, since it’s the base rate.

C – In your personal opinion, when is this going to happen? T – I’ve been told tomorrow is a good day, but then so is today. I’ve been told that the end of the month is good due to some contracts that are in place contingent on this happening by 10/1. There are also some bank systems changes that will take place and 10/1 and this is to happen before then to help other countries qualify by the 1st.

C – will the VNN come out over $4? T – not in the beginning but at some point.

T – I see others giving you info, some after what we’ve said. It’s confirmation. Sometimes when I see that and hear it I know you’ve already got it and I go on about the day. If something “super fantastic” happens I’ll give a blast.

T – just got a text that in the UK rates are live and awaiting green light. Their IQN rate is the same as ours.

C – I was the guy who talked to Shabibi a few years ago and I’ve been on a lot of calls. The worst case scenario would be war-related, not financial? T – yes, that is what would shut it down but I don’t see that at the moment because of where we are and the timeframe we’re in.

C – the rate I’m hearing from DC is $26 from one of my sources. T – that’s pretty close to what I’m hearing. C – my source says it won’t come out that high, it might not be the correct rate. T – there’s always that possibility that it might not be that high..

C – you said the announcement was made in the mosque that they were international. Were they given permission from the USA to say that? T – Yes, I can say that the PTB did give permission.

T – Let me explain that is not the first time that they had been given the ok. They gave them permission and they still did not do it. With over 6K people on this call and 13-14K people on the blogtalk radio, there are similar numbers over there as well. you have to look that they are listening adn sometimes we have to limit what is said. It’s not the size of the dog but the fight in the dog.

C -About the rates being live, are they at the teller screens and they can go? T – They have been at the teller screen but I will get a call to see if they are live.

C – Regarding the groups, will they each be issued their own 800#? T – as far as I know, Okie doesn’t have a group (what he told me yesterday). I don’t know Loechin and haven’t spoken with him. My understanding is that his group is specific to his SC group only. The only one I know is that the large group, according to WF, is that they’re putting out a separate 800# for that group (Generals64).

T – if you call the WF group 800# and you decide at your appointment you don’t want to do it but want to walk in and negotiate yourself, as far as they’re concerned you are still part of that group. If you don’t want to participate in that group, don’t call their number. People who put groups together is to offer a benefit for people who don’t want to negotiate on their own.

C – Any tax update? T – I don’t know the situation. Initially from DC they are trying to do 1-2%. There is a bill to make it 9 3/8% but don’t know. There was a group in Reno saying 11% is all you would be taxed but I have not info for that.

C – You’re an IPO guy, do you think the VNN is going down? T – I think the VNN, IQN and DNN will rise and come down.

C – is the 26th related to the anniversary of Iraq’s financial demise? T – that’s what I heard.

C – Since the VNN is already tradeable, does it have to be placed in an account already open or a new one? T – the only one that needs to be kept separate is the IQN.

C – Will the VNN be taxed? T – yes. pretty sure it will.

C – Will the banks all have DeLarue machines? T – yes, 5/3, Chase, etc. will all have them.

T-When I was in the military, a young guy. I was in Norad. We were having an IG inspection. Guy kept trying to make a phone call. Said I can’t get through. I called DC and said this is a priority call and handed the guy the phone. Guy said you are either the bravest or the dumbest.

C – I know it’s going to happen. Earlier a lady asked about turning in 1000 IQN to get the appt and I had to walk away from the phone and never heard the answer. T – if it’s one of the locations authorized to do the CE, they might go ahead and cash it out for you right then and there. At the rates we’re seeing you’re probably not going to be able to cash in a $100K without an appointment.



C – This is a Sterling/DB question. When we go to payoff our reserves, have any of the banks said how they will be able to get our money from them? Will the bank get the reserves for us? T – no, that’s not going to happen. Too much paperwork. You have to work that out with Sterling and follow their procedures. The bank is not going to get involved in you getting your reserves.

T – If you call Sterling and tell them what you want, they will schedule an appointment to fly to your city as long as the airport is serviced by 2 or more major airlines. They will meet at your location. You can combine your reserves with others to come up with the minimum amount required for them to do that. If you have multiple reserves with different people, you can come up with a unique group name, place it in the comments section of your order, then set your appointment for all at the same time.

C – Can we negotiate the VNN as high as the ceiling? T – if you know what the ceiling is, yes you can. Anytime you go over the rate they’re going to have to call for approval and they’re not going to do that multiple times. They have to get authorization for the rate.

T – Something to think about. Not a fear thing. They are going to start making calls and appts within 2 hours. Start thinking about when you are going to make your appt. You come in, they will offer you something and if you don’t take it and leave you will be pushed to the back so think about it.

C – did you give the IQN rate showing on the screen? T – No, but somebody else did. I just told you it was higher than $23 and that guy said it was $26. VNN is almost $3.

C – who do you think keeps stopping it or pulling it back? T – even this morning they told me it’s goine too far to stop, but the reality is that it can be stopped. If the banks see it and every agency says they can see, and all they’re waiting for is the authorization, that comes from the UST (Jack Lew) and he works for the POTUS.

C – did that injunction affect anything? T – I never got that but it whatever it was (IMF Tribunal) it was denied by the IMF. At this point it doesn’t matter because they’re trying to get this done by 10/1.

C – what is the Chicago leak? T – Someone at the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) let it out that banking was going to change, but not quite the RV. Someone went in and did trades and made a $600M profit. So they had to change the procedures. That’s why we saw a spike in gold yesterday.

C – In your heart of hearts, how good do you feel about today? T – I feel good about today and tomorrow. It’s not like they haven’t said this before, but this morning when they went into their offices they were told “it’s done and be ready to work extra hours and thru the weekend.”

C-We live in mountains and the bank is 2 hours a day. How soon after the numbers are given out, after the RV, will it be made public? T- It will be made public 2 seconds after it’s active. People are going to know via boards, texts, etc. All of the intel sites will probably be the first to know, versus the other 3-4 million others who don’t get on calls or are in chat rooms. If you’re smart, as soon as you get the info you need to be at the bank before you start calling your friends and family. I’ll get the rates right away and will post them before I head to the bank. When I get back I’ll do a call.

T – Montana is going to take the page with the conference call notes on the website and change that to a bank update page. Everyday she will update that page with the rates for that day, not hourly, but daily. She’ll be with me the first 10 days post-RV to udpate the site as needed.

C – If we are late to the party and want to be part of your group, how do we do that? T – I don’t have a group. I’m taking the mods, some close friends, and my family with me. I’m not collecting names, emails, putting together a group. If I was doing a group I wouldn’t be a hypocrite and tell you I’m not getting paid and what the restrictions are.

C – A couple days ago you said you would give us the history of how this came about. Can you give us a brief 2 min summary? T – some of it you will find unbelievable. People are not what you think they are. People have been manipulated, things have happened and if things continue we will set the record straight.

C – If it does come out at that live high rate, how can that not affect the economies negatively, ours and others around the world? T – It’s not the same rate in every country and it’s for a limited time. It depends on what people do with it. If you go to Yahoo and search Venezuela, yesterday they had an article that you couldn’t get a flight out and the planes were leaving half empty. People were buying seats but not leaving. They were sending their credit cards out of the country because they could exchange 6 to 1. Everyday. A whole lot of people were getting rich. Now prices are going up.

T – Same for us. People have never had that much money before and they’ll go out and spend it all. People will have jobs, and there will be a battle of “made in America” vs. China. This is going to stimulate our economy. It’s not going to negatively affect us.

C – Regarding holdups, only one person can say “push the button.” Until those PTB are satisfied they could still hold it up. Do you think we’re past that stage? T – I know it takes 3 signatures to start it and 3 to stop it. All the power is not in one man’s hand. We don’t have a dictator. All 3 have to sign off on it. My understanding is that it is a “go” so unless all 3 of them say something to stop it, it’s a go. But I don’t see anything critical to cause that to happen. Everyone is on the same page: new laws going into place on Oct.1, new money must be backed with something, needs an operational timeframe for different things to occur. It could happen in the next 2 hours, tomorrow, by Friday, but I think it will happen by Oct. 1.

T – We’re at the end of the call. Today is superfantastic! Everybody said this morning it’s DONE, DONE, DONE. Multiple banks are seeing the exact numbers. If it comes out at these numbers you’ll be the happiest people on earth. We went over a hurdle today (Senate vote 100-0), debt ceiling, etc. I don’t see any other hurdles to jump over but there are some deadlines by the 1st and others on the 8th. I think it’s a great, great day. We could now see this at any moment. If they come back and tell me it’s undone, I’ll do a blast. But they do have a time for it today. Now, since the system has been upgraded, it can actually go. If I was you, I wouldn’t do anymore reserves or buy anymore. Instead, I’d get ready. Make sure you know what you’re going to do right afterwards. Think about before you start buying. I will put out some type of blast tonight. Have a great day.


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