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Message From Dinar Recaps

We have been receiving many emails and have seen several posts saying that Dinar Recaps is owned or directly affiliated or connected with one or more Intel Providers or Dinar Sites

This is totally untrue. We are independently owned and operated, and have no ties to any person, site, group or company anywhere.

We re-post the news, rumors and opinions posted on many different Dinar websites. Nothing is from Dinar Recaps.

Many former Intel Providers that were once featured frequently have quit talking so obviously we cannot post them anymore. No one tells Dinar Recaps what to post.

The reasons that any person goes to all Dinar sites is to find information and intel about our currency investment…. and also to find HOPE that they have made a good decision , that the RV is real, and to connect with like minds who understand what they are going through. 

Dinar Recaps has tried to be a central place to find the latest news, rumors, and opinions.  We try to keep it positive and hopeful for us all. 
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We are all tired, frustrated, weary and discouraged and some days you wonder, “Whats the point,” or “Why bother “  and guaranteed, the Intel Providers feel just like we do…We all want this done and over with so we can start our next big adventures.

Dinar Recaps has been under attack when we post information from a few Intel Providers…we are receiving numerous threats daily from a vocal minority.  As a reminder, Dinar Recaps is not the author of anything we re-post.

We do not understand why if someone does not agree or does not like what we post, why the do they continue to read it, or even come back to Dinar Recaps.  You are free to go to any other website and voice your negativity.  The great majority of the readers at Dinar Recaps finds that objectionable. 

Why do they delight in attacking us/them  repeatedly?  What do they gain?  Who does it help and who does it hurt?  Are they being paid to discredit or hurt certain people?  Do they have an agenda?  We do not know.

At this point we are not sure what we will do in the future… who Recaps decides to post, or not post.

We feel that if Dinar Investors are smart enough to get involved in this once in a lifetime investment, then you are absolutely smart enough to read all the intel, believe what you like, and discard what you don’t.

You should be allowed to read and follow any one’s information and opinions you like without harassment.

We sincerely wish to thank once again ALL the Intel Providers and Mods on ALL the Dinar Sites for your long hours, dedication, and keeping the Dinar investors informed on what is happening or what is being said.

We hope when this RV/CE finally happens you will find the wonderful lives you all so richly deserve.  You hear the bashing daily, and we wish you could hear all the appreciation and gratitude from thousands of us as well… Thank you.

Another big THANKS  and Happy Holidays to all our dedicated readers , and we hope that all your RV dreams come true very soon. ~

The Dinar Recaps Team

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Notice: Dinars.me primarily posts its own original content under the category "Darn Fast Dinar News." Outside of this category, most posts are automatically aggregated for the convenience of our readers. As such, please do not email us asking us questions about the content, thinking we created it. Rather, if you wish to contact someone, please try to determine the author's home site and contact them there.

Also, please use common sense and read this before believing a word you read on this or any other dinar website.

We have just received confirmation this evening (6/10) in the form of a civil complaint against Sterling Currency Group LLC alleging that there are one or more "dinar gurus" suspected of being paid by Sterling Currency Group/Dinar Banker, including TerryK who was allegedly paid $150,000 by Sterling to essentially "pump" dinar sales. As such, we will no longer be sharing any rumors or so-called "intel" from ANY such "dinar gurus" as all such information should now be considered potentially tainted by advertising dollars. We expect to comment more on this in the coming days and weeks. -Dinars.me