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A Message from Dinar Recaps

In Dinar Recaps Defense

Regarding the TNT Tony call today……TNT Tony has said he has never read our blog and he mentioned on the call today that we try to portray his calls negatively.

We feel this is untrue as we always promote encouragement and positivity on our blog.   Possibly he has Dinar Recaps confused with other sites?

We truly appreciate and want to thank all the Intel Providers who are trying to help all Dinar Investors by sharing what they hear regarding the Dinar Investment. Thank you all.

We only post the TNT Conference Call Links directly from Blog Talk Radio or Free Conference Call and the links come from the TNT Site. We make sure our readers know who typed the call notes from the call and where they can read them at the sites as well.

Dinar Recaps usually copies the call notes directly from I4U chat so we can have the call posted quickly for our readers who are waiting, and we do NOT edit them when we post them at Recaps.  We also post TNT notes from Montana and Flying Star.

This is the only tidbit we posted from Tony’s wife and it was very encouraging in our opinion.

“(Tony’s Wife) admin wrote nov 24th @05:46p i am still hopeful for now because nothing has been said that makes me believe we are not there. But if that happens, my head will be held high, because i take the ride with dignity, and i will keep stepping forward until the blessings fall upon me. Nov 24th @05:51pm: i am married to an optimistic man. A true go getter. I have to be strong.”

Thanks again to all our readers and we hope all your dreams come true soon:


The Dinar Recaps Team

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We received confirmation on 6/10/15, via a civil complaint and asset forfeiture notice filed against Sterling Currency Group LLC, that there have apparently been one or more "dinar gurus" being paid by Sterling Currency Group/Dinar Banker, including TerryK who was allegedly paid $150,000 by Sterling, to essentially "pump" dinar sales. We are equally concerned about the so-called "intel" provided by TNT Tony (Anthony Renfrow) who recently plead guilty to wire fraud charges and is now apparently facing up to 20 years in federal prison. He is currently awaiting sentencing after the sentencing investigation is complete. As such, we will no longer be sharing ANY rumors or so-called "intel" from ANY such "dinar gurus" as all such information should now be considered substantially tainted by currency seller advertising dollars. In other words---do not trust the rumors and "intel" you read, as it appears these "dinar gurus" are liars who are bought-and-paid-for by certain dinar sellers. Subscribe to our email list if you'd like to be kept up to date on these dinar-related legal cases. -Dinars.me

  • Island guy

    Oppsss….sorry about that Dinar Recaps…he may have mistaken my comments for yours…cause I have been saying for a while that Tony is a lying piece of crap…and you should not believe anything he says for any reason other than entertainment purposes…

    I am sure I am not the only person who ran out and bought more dinar than they should have at the time, because of the lies told…and they hype built up by TNT and his band of merry story tellers…they have hurt many people and yet he continues to spin his web of stories and deceit…am I the only one who is pissed off by this?

    • sonpump

      What seems to be your problem? Dont like waiting take it back get your money back minus about ten percent. ..and stfu…

      • crazyhawk

        No, I think he doesn’t like getting blatantly lied to by a scam artist. He doesn’t have anything to do with having patience. It comes with understanding that we got conned by this guy. So far, Tony is responsible for people believing the following issues surrounding the Dinar:
        1) There will be an NDA
        2) For $1,000 a person will be able to cash out at $38.78 million and quit their jobs and help the world.
        3) That the IMF has the power to push through a RV of any country.
        4) That the US would magically receive ten times the rate of any other country to exchange their currency.
        5) Somehow he has conned people to believe that the $38 will happen because the government needs us to go spend money and help save the banks from total collapse.
        6) Tony has convinced people that oil credits have anything to do with the Dinar although there is not a single ounce of proof.
        7) Tony has stated that the average Dinar holder in the US is approximately 5 million people and they hold about $1 million Dinar (this is his avg.) If an oil credit was real, Iraq would still have to pay $5 Trillion dollars in oil credits. If it costs $5 per barrel to produce that oil, Iraq would somehow have to not receive $25 Trillion worth of currency. Since Iraq is predominantly oil based in their money producing goods…that is obviously a problem

        So, when you tell someone to STFU because we aren’t patient enough for you…I ask you to actually do some homework on this investment and see if what Tony is shoveling into our mouths is economically feasible.

        • Al Boek

          Mostly, I agree with your take. But one area I take exception too. Number 7.)
          Notice our governmental shut down and another standoff being promised in the new year. With no budget at hand, our president has been given an Unlimited American Express Card to cover all cost associated with running an entire country.

          So, like Tony, our leaders are shoveling something else into our mouths that may not be feasible either. China knows it’s not, yet it continues on. How do us munions out here square what Tony is doing to us, when the entire world is doing it in spades? It gives it all a ring of truth.

          Anyway, it’s over in the next day or two, right? They can’t continue on like this much longer without loosing all credibility. Right?

          • crazyhawk

            I think I am confused as to your answer to #7. What I am pointing out is that it would cost Iraq approximately $25 Trillion in oil to buy back the amount of Dinar that is in the US (if we are to believe the oil credit story line and the amount of people who own Dinar) There is barely $25 Trillion dollars in currency in the entire world….so how can a country that is worth no where near the top 20 countries in the world, going to pay for this? Don’t forget, according to the Gurus, the USA has a ridiculous amount of Dinar of there own as do many other countries. So, $25 Trillion isn’t close to enough to cover the Dinar that is out there. My question is simple…how are they going to pay you?

          • Al Boek

            I hear you…How, the same way they pay everything else…just fire up that printing press. Been workin pretty good for sometime now. Happy Holidays….Pray that RV comes in. I’m really only holding a reasonable amount myself. Not, live or die for me. Sounds like some of em have really gone crazy and that might actually come back to bite us all…

      • DinarsMe

        Crazyhawk is right on all counts, I’m afraid. But feel free to try harder in making your case.

      • TheTruth

        Lmao Ur serious? tony is the modern day Jim Jones and people like you are his sheep. now follow the leader idiot

  • Iowaboy

    IMHO, inaccurate info, and false hope, on a daily basis, IS negative energy