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TNT Tony Update

TNT Tony reports….

It doesn’t look like much has changed, but the entire situation has changed. Every single source that I talked to today said that they received the same information……….The RV was finalized at 11pm last night. Bankers came in at 7am and they were told that the rates were live and that the currency exchange would start when the doors opened, (we can see that didn’t happen).

They then were instructed that the time had been moved to after 3pm est, that didn’t happen and now we are being told look for it tomorrow.

Now, while this may sound like bad news to you, or that they have just been given the run around all day, I don’t look at it that way. I look at it like this……RV finalized….(a lot of money was paid last night to make this happen)……Final Rates agreed to…..The rate in the meeting is the same rate that is now showing on multiple banks screens across the country…..without a hold placed on it.

The final piece to the puzzle is that the UN requested a 24 hr hold before making it public. This was to see the reaction of the markets and the global economy to the shut down of the U.S. government. Now we wait…………


Dinars.me note: TREAT AS RUMOR!!!!!

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  • Jim Reed

    I have to ask this question.How can Iraq raise the value of the IQD, if it will cost them at least one trillion USD to buy back the over one Trillion IQDs (at a 1=1 rate) in the hands of US citizens, not to mention the Trillions more in the hands of other citizens and governments? Not to mention the whispered rate of over 3.60 Usds per IQD. There is said to be more than 30 trillion IQDs outside of Iraq in the hands of other non Iraq’s and foreign governments. Where would they get the money, if they are borrowing money now and selling Bonds.

    • Rob

      who all follows the carrot that Tony is dangleing in front of them? LMAO! he’s got it shoved up your butt and you don’t know it!

  • http://batman-news.com trimix

    Is this up to the minute report from Tony or someone imposing to be Tony, Sorry just don’t get it. If this is not happening how many out there are getting dinar on reserves and don’t have the money to pay the bills to begin with . does’nt sound right does it

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  • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

    See my reply to FLPatriot59.

  • FLPatriot59

    This post from “Tony” is bogus. He did not make it. At least not today.

    • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

      It’s an old comment posted long ago. It wasn’t posted on our site any time recently. You probably found it through the comments on the left side of the page because someone just commented on it today.

  • DanVincent

    This is false – NOT Tony. Should be taken down immediately

  • Michael Bond

    With all due respect, Tony needs to go on a long fishing trip (or to jail) away from all communication devices. I am unsure of his motives but the result of his tirade of misinformation has lured many people into harms way. Here is a man without conscience who should be judged by his 100% track record of deceipt and failure.

    • sunspirit

      Michael Bond…comment on something that is true…Tony didn’t say this….He NEVER misinforms…He never calls it….you don’t know what you are talking about…get your head out of the sand!

      • Michael Bond

        Seriously? I assume that you are just being facetious. If you have a desire to believe the undisputable misinformation that this person perscribes you will no doubt continue to be disappointed. Far be it for me to stand in your way if that’s what you want to do.

        • Ray Mercer

          I agree with you Michael. Let those who are so stupid to keep following Tony down to their poor house while Tony keeps taking their money.

      • Jim Ruth

        sunspirit – assuming for the moment that your comment was not satirical, I’ d like to mention that I just read through the archive of all of Tony’s comments for the period of May, June and July of – get this – 2011. Also read many posts from that day until now. After having read all of those, I can say unequivocally he does “call it” REPEATEDLY and he does misinform REPEATEDLY. I stopped counting the number of times that he said that he had heard from someone who had already made an exchange at the new rate. I can come up with only two explanations for the history of his comments. Either (1) He lies. A lot. or (2) he consistently relies upon and passes on as truth things that he has heard from other people who lie – a lot. Either way, it makes no sense to put any confidence in anything he says.

    • Bucktooth

      Dude go read “War and Peace”! That will keep u busy and away from this! Not true!!