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TNT Tony Update

TNT Tony reports….

It doesn’t look like much has changed, but the entire situation has changed. Every single source that I talked to today said that they received the same information……….The RV was finalized at 11pm last night. Bankers came in at 7am and they were told that the rates were live and that the currency exchange would start when the doors opened, (we can see that didn’t happen).

They then were instructed that the time had been moved to after 3pm est, that didn’t happen and now we are being told look for it tomorrow.

Now, while this may sound like bad news to you, or that they have just been given the run around all day, I don’t look at it that way. I look at it like this……RV finalized….(a lot of money was paid last night to make this happen)……Final Rates agreed to…..The rate in the meeting is the same rate that is now showing on multiple banks screens across the country…..without a hold placed on it.

The final piece to the puzzle is that the UN requested a 24 hr hold before making it public. This was to see the reaction of the markets and the global economy to the shut down of the U.S. government. Now we wait…………


Dinars.me note: TREAT AS RUMOR!!!!!

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We have just received confirmation this evening (6/10) in the form of a civil complaint against Sterling Currency Group LLC alleging that there are one or more "dinar gurus" suspected of being paid by Sterling Currency Group/Dinar Banker, including TerryK who was allegedly paid $150,000 by Sterling to essentially "pump" dinar sales. As such, we will no longer be sharing any rumors or so-called "intel" from ANY such "dinar gurus" as all such information should now be considered potentially tainted by advertising dollars. We expect to comment more on this in the coming days and weeks. -Dinars.me

  • Yvonne Errend

    You all are blind. I watched them talk about the GCR on FOX NEWS and how they will be exchanging 5 different currency’s…. you all are lost. If it wasn’t real, they would not be talking about it on Fox News all the time. I will be having fun exchanging my currency the day we RV. Oh, by the way, grow up……

  • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

    crlos3, what a bunch of “dinar guru”-style horse manure you’re shoveling.

    And, you’re comparing the IQD to Kuwait’s RI? Seriously? That’s like comparing apples to orangutans.

    And, talking about “broke within the year,” Anthony Renfrow (aka TNT Tony) has multiple bankruptcy listings in his record. PERSONAL bankruptcy listings, not business bankruptcies, which are sometimes the best way to handle business losses. So why anyone would take any sort of financial advice from him is beyond us. That’s like taking financial advice from a con-artist uncle who lives in a trailer home and was just convicted for federal crimes and is about to be sentenced to prison for up to 20 years.

    And finally, while we won’t ever give financial advice and are not investment or any other kind advisers or professionals, we personally wouldn’t touch ZIM with a 100 ft. pole. But that’s just us.

  • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

  • kikiapr1

    crios3: It’s obvious you don’t understand my post or any of the other posts which challenge you. First off, read the post on this forum (click on the home page) dated 6/27 which will tell you how Tony makes his money from phone calls. Second, Tony let slip that he worked for Sterling Currency (the Feds recently shut it down) and got a cut for luring people to the company to purchase dinars. He got paid by one of many of Sterling’s LLCs. Like all con artists, Tony sprinkles “grains of truth” quoted from previous generations (i.e., never spend more money than you have) in his pitch to attract investors so they will believe that he’s honest. He does predict every day that “today is the day” that the dinar will revalue. He has been wrong in EVERYTHING HE PREDICTS. . The question involving him is not whether the dinar is a good investment, it’s about him snookering people to buying dinar from those with which he’s associated and to listen to his calls.

  • crlos3

    Kiki I still don’t know what your problem is as nothing he has said has cost me one cent. I didn’t invest anything with him did you? Though I don’t believe that he has ever called it without saying IMO or something of the sort. Even if you are right if you are an experienced investor it would not effect you in any way. I heard about this from a friend who made a large amount when the Kuwaiti Dinar revalued. I heard of Tony months later. I also have government sources who give me info that I compare to Tony’s and they are usually at least close. It is called due diligence my friend and I always do mine. I invested enough to make me richer but not enough that I cannot afford to lose it. I even bought Zims which I find very hard to believe is possible but I bought it when it was two dollars per 100T. I will bet $5 on a 99 to 1 horse once in awhile don’t most people? Is it a good bet? NO! that is why the odds are so good/bad. Fun though. I have several Quad of that. If it doesn’t pay then it will make fantastic wallpaper. So what? Did he force anyone to send him a donation?? I don’t see how he could. Does he charge you to listen to him? If you don’t trust him then don’t listen. Did he recommend a particular Dinar Seller? Yes there is an ad on his site for one but there is one on this site too. I checked around before I bought any and I felt that reserves could be a problem so I didn’t buy any. Due Diligence and experience. My Daddy taught me many years ago that you will make more money with people you don’t like than with your friends. That is because you will be much more careful if you don’t trust someone. I do feel though that he has helped many people in learning how to handle money. He is right that most people will be broke again inside of a year or two. You need only look at lottery winners to know that it is true. They do need help and I have never heard him say that they should invest it with him. Even if he were to do that I would do my due diligence before I would ever even consider it. If you don’t think this investment will make you money then you should get out of it. High risk investments are not for those with a weak heart or worriers. NO ONE GUARANTEED YOU WILL MAKE ANYTHING OR THAT YOU WON’T LOSE YOUR INVESTMENT. Amateur Investors are more trouble than they are worth. You should get out today!

    • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

      I just want to comment that Tony has multiple bankruptcy listings to his name. He is the last person I would listen to for financial advice. I count six bankruptcy records for him. And both he and his wife Tamara appear to have numerous convictions for writing bad checks. You can look that up in the Sacramento online civil court records. These are people you’d trust to give you sound investment advice?

      Also, this is NOT at all the like the Kuwaiti Dinar situation, which did not revalue, it was reissued. Comparing that to the IQD is like comparing apples to orangutans.

      • crlos3

        I know that you mean well and I hope that you realize that I do too. I am not here to demean you in any way. I hope that you see that. I am not taking investment advice from Tony or any other supposed Guru. That is my point. I check everything that I can before I invest. After that unless someone can show me that the info that I had was and is wrong I will stick with my decision. Am I wrong sometimes and lose? Of course. That is what investing is all about.

        Whatever he has done has probably given him more insight on how things work that you will ever understand.

        As for Kuwait, all that I can tell you is that my brother was a common US soldier who wanted to feel rich so he bought a bunch of Dinar for less than 200 Dollars.He sold it for 180k.. Is it the same thing? Of course not. But it should open your eyes to the possibiliites in this world.

    • kikiapr1

      It’s obvious you didn’t understand my post. First of all, check out the post dated 6/27 on this forum and you will see one of the ways Tony is making money off people with the phone calls. In addition, he accidentally admitted to working for Sterling Currency. He received a cut for every person he could get to buy dinar from Sterling. He actually got paid from one of Sterling’s numerous LLCs. Plus he encourages people to buy dinar from Sterling by saying every day that the dinar will soon be traded on Forex. I don’t listen to his calls because they are pure garbage. ( I read some of the calls’ transcripts in forums). What he does,is talk in generalities, repeating advice handed done from many generations, e.g.,(don’t spend more than you have) to entice people into believing that he’s honest. Con artists such as Tony use “little grains of truth” to rope in their victims.While it’s not affecting me, it does affect people who listen to him. It’s not a question of the actual dinar investment, it’s a matter of him using the investment to make money off people by promising them wealth.

  • kikiapr1

    Tony is a convicted felon. You need to ask why anyone in the Federal government would tell him anything about the dinar or other government secrets. He served time in prison for fraud and he pleaded guilty in a more recent case. Even though the plea deal called for only 1 year and one day of prison, he could serve much more due to his dealings with the dinar.

  • crlos3

    As a investor, entrepreneur, and many time business owner for 47 years I don’t think you people appreciate all the Tony and his crew do for you. Most of what he talks about is very basic but necessary for most of you. When you invest you must first figure the risk against the potential gain. Don’t buy more than you can afford to lose. If you invest you must be patient. It will come when it comes and not before. In this case you are dealing with governments so anything can happen. No one gave you a guaranty of anything so stop complaining and try to be professional. Tony is an old MLM guy who believes that you get by giving. Personally I think that he is a saint. I wouldn’t tolerate many of you with your unkind words and unfounded accusations. Unreal! You should thank these fine people for what they do. Send them a small donation as the education they are giving you would cost thousands if you were paying for it. If they get rich off your donations (highly unlikely) so what?

    • kikiapr1

      I sure don’t want to do business with you. You are very naive. You obviously don’t know how to analyze and ask questions, such as why would the Federal government trust and share secrets with a convicted felon who served time for fraud and who recently pleaded guilt in another case for sending illegal wire transfers. He has not been officially sentenced, but I suspect once the judge hears about the lies, manipulations, and fraud he has done in relation to the dinar, he’ll be going to prison for a very long time. Check the website truthcall.com. It has all the information including addresses and phone numbers of the district attorney, the Federal Kansas courthouse, and Tony’s attorney.

      • Fuze

        You TNT bashers are the ones that are Naive. Yes Tony has had legal problems. However, do you clowns have any idea that the financial institutions that you deposit your money with and depend upon for ADVICE , the vast majority have rap sheets for fraud that exceed and human being rap sheet in history! I also depend upon many of these people, however I know they have their corporations to hide behind! So I due my own due diligence and mitigate my risk. No one has produced proof that TNT has been paid anything by sterling or anyone else, other than the meager donations. The only reason I use TNT is because I understand Tony was with another group when he first got involved with Dinar and that arrangement is unknown to me. What I do know is, he decided to separate from them for difference of opinion involving ethics. I also know the FED stopped sterling first, because it was the biggest fish violating the law. Tony is by far the biggest GURU, why would he still be operating if they had some legitimate complaint against him, other than sometimes he talks to much about matters that he shouldn’t? In my humble opinion, if it proves true that TNT did not take a dime from advertising, phones etc..only meager donations, and history proves his information true after all: this man would not only deserve a public apology from all of you so called “good men” but full pardon for his previous violations of law. Because this 5 year contribution by Tony and his TnT team would have paid off all his debts to society and you ” good men’s”. FUZE

        • kikiapr1

          For crying out loud, Tony is a convicted felon. He served time in prison in Sacramento for defrauding people in a prosperity program scheme. He pleaded guilty in May 2015 for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and engaging in monetary transactions over $10,000 in criminally derived property in another prosperity program scheme. The plea agreement was to have been 1 year and a day in prison. However, because he lured naive people who listened to his calls into buying dinar from Sterling (in which he was employed by one of the LLCs of the company), his sentence might be substantially increased. He has been wrong every single time about everything pertaining to the dinar and he receives no information from the government since why would they bother with a convict. Tony is a very good conman. He sprinkles a few generalities (don’t spend more than you can afford, etc) into his phone calls so gullible people such as yourself will believe what he says and send him money. (By the way, there is an explanation in truthcall.com on how he prospers from those phone calls)
          . The “contributions” made by Tony are entirely worthless. He also faces civil action for writing fraudulent checks.

        • kikiapr1

          Fuze, haven’t you heard that Tony is an out and out conman and crook? He served time in prison the late 90’s-early 2000’s for cheating and defrauding people with his “prosperity programs”. More recently, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and engaging in monetary transactions of more than $10,000 in criminally derived property (for another “prosperity program he began in 2006).. The sentence for this is a year and a day in prison, but many people are contacting the DA’s office to inform him that Tony has been cheating people and giving false and misleading info concerning the Dinar. Hopefully, the sentencing judge will increase his time substantially. Tony has also a multitude of law suits against him for check forgery. He has been wrong on everything concerning the Dinar and he lured gullible people like you into buying dinar from Sterling who employed him (he may have been employed by one of Sterling’s LLCs). No government agency will ever give secret and valuable information to a convicted felon. About the telephone calls, read truthcall.com. It explains how Tony makes much money on the backs of the naive.

  • Jim Reed

    I have to ask this question.How can Iraq raise the value of the IQD, if it will cost them at least one trillion USD to buy back the over one Trillion IQDs (at a 1=1 rate) in the hands of US citizens, not to mention the Trillions more in the hands of other citizens and governments? Not to mention the whispered rate of over 3.60 Usds per IQD. There is said to be more than 30 trillion IQDs outside of Iraq in the hands of other non Iraq’s and foreign governments. Where would they get the money, if they are borrowing money now and selling Bonds.

    • Rob

      who all follows the carrot that Tony is dangleing in front of them? LMAO! he’s got it shoved up your butt and you don’t know it!

  • http://batman-news.com trimix

    Is this up to the minute report from Tony or someone imposing to be Tony, Sorry just don’t get it. If this is not happening how many out there are getting dinar on reserves and don’t have the money to pay the bills to begin with . does’nt sound right does it

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  • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

    See my reply to FLPatriot59.

  • FLPatriot59

    This post from “Tony” is bogus. He did not make it. At least not today.

    • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

      It’s an old comment posted long ago. It wasn’t posted on our site any time recently. You probably found it through the comments on the left side of the page because someone just commented on it today.

  • DanVincent

    This is false – NOT Tony. Should be taken down immediately

  • Michael Bond

    With all due respect, Tony needs to go on a long fishing trip (or to jail) away from all communication devices. I am unsure of his motives but the result of his tirade of misinformation has lured many people into harms way. Here is a man without conscience who should be judged by his 100% track record of deceipt and failure.

    • sunspirit

      Michael Bond…comment on something that is true…Tony didn’t say this….He NEVER misinforms…He never calls it….you don’t know what you are talking about…get your head out of the sand!

      • Michael Bond

        Seriously? I assume that you are just being facetious. If you have a desire to believe the undisputable misinformation that this person perscribes you will no doubt continue to be disappointed. Far be it for me to stand in your way if that’s what you want to do.

        • Ray Mercer

          I agree with you Michael. Let those who are so stupid to keep following Tony down to their poor house while Tony keeps taking their money.

          • crlos3

            So why are you here? Are you afraid that he might be right? I would bet that you do own one of the currencies. Why? I have had mine for 3 years when I thought that it would happen a long time ago and I don’t complain. If it never happens I still won’t complain as I understood the risk from the beginning. Guys like you shouldn’t invest in high risk opportunities. All you do is complain and the rest of us don’t want to hear it. We did our due diligence and were satisfied. Now whatever happens we are willing to accept it.

      • Jim Ruth

        sunspirit – assuming for the moment that your comment was not satirical, I’ d like to mention that I just read through the archive of all of Tony’s comments for the period of May, June and July of – get this – 2011. Also read many posts from that day until now. After having read all of those, I can say unequivocally he does “call it” REPEATEDLY and he does misinform REPEATEDLY. I stopped counting the number of times that he said that he had heard from someone who had already made an exchange at the new rate. I can come up with only two explanations for the history of his comments. Either (1) He lies. A lot. or (2) he consistently relies upon and passes on as truth things that he has heard from other people who lie – a lot. Either way, it makes no sense to put any confidence in anything he says.

    • Bucktooth

      Dude go read “War and Peace”! That will keep u busy and away from this! Not true!!