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Superfantastic: TNT Tony Opens Mouth

… and removes all doubt :)  -Dinars.me


Good mornining TNTDinar:

It is going to be a SUPERFANTASTIC DAY!

I hope you have some clean underwear because you will need them before this day is through.

We have the new rates and the new date. Life just keeps getting better for all of us (even if we don’t know it).

For those who don’t believe or CONTINUE to be misinformed or (just plain idiots) let me say this……….

It is better to be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Think about it.




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  • Micale Smith

    Been waiting and waiting and supposedly it’s going to happen any day. This is a scam and u are playing games with all of us who has purchase these dinars and dongs.

  • seedsource

    Being in Australia, does all information coming from the US include us in the same time frame?

  • pumpkin

    It’s simple

    There’s ONE reason why (I’d like to know who) wants us to have the currency before the RV.

    So, Tony’s task is to make us buy and/or buy more, he might be aware and he might not.

    • DinarsMe

      Tony’s no dummy. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Check out the forum comments for the former 14 Daily Plus program run by Tony Renfrow.

  • Island guy

    Tony is entertaining…I will give him his due…the man can spread crap and the folks just love his smooth way of spreading it…between him and Mtn Bloat we can all retire tomorrow…wait…that was yesterday…I mean last week…or was that last month…They could start a new soap opera…”As The Sand Blows”…and if it does turn out to happen today, I apologize…

  • Mighty Max Man

    I really do not know what Tony is trying to accomplish with the daily and weekly blast of here we go! This RV has absolutely no way of happening until early next year now, but that does not stop this daily drivel. Well, I guess if people want to continue reading it, there is no law against posting misinformation!

    • crazyhawk

      The reason is simple…Tony is getting paid to pump the Dinar. He is a scammer and he is good at it.

    • Barry

      He makes money off of every hit on his site…
      which now seems to be off line…

      • DinarsMe

        Nope, it’s still online. And not sure if he’s making money with every hit, but most definitely making money off his audience. I have no problem with that so long as he’s upfront and honest, but I’ve found him to be neither.