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Is TNT Tony Actually “Anthony Renfrow” Who Is Under Federal Indictment For Alleged $5MM Ponzi Scheme?

As many of you have already read on various sites in the dinar world, there is an accusation floating around that TNT Tony has been named in a Federal indictment for wire fraud involving an alleged $5 million Ponzi scheme. Along with this accusation is an incriminating indictment PDF that many of you have read.

Coming to his apparent defense, there are also various TNT Tony supporters and “gurus” who tell us things like, “It’s not him. That’s a different Anthony Renfrow.”

And, so wanting to get to the bottom of this ourselves, we decided to do our own research. We started out over a year ago by offering a reward to anyone who could provide evidence, one way or the other, that this was or was not the same Anthony Renfrow named in the indictment. Unfortunately, nobody claimed that reward in either direction. And so, we decided to investigate it for ourselves to find out the truth.

Our conclusion?

1. We have found significant evidence that would convince us personally that TNT Tony is the same Anthony Renfrow named in the Federal indictment, which would mean our TNT Tony is very likely a long-time con-artist and scammer, and not merely the “friendly, funny, helpful and giving” Tony that many assume he his.

2. We also found that he appears to have a criminal history that, according to California court records, includes an earlier conviction for theft and conspiracy that saw four others convicted alongside him in 2002.

While we find this evidence to be extremely compelling to where we no longer personally doubt that TNT Tony is, in fact, Anthony Renfrow – ex-convict and current Federal indictee – we won’t state this as a fact. Instead, we will let our readers – who claim they desire only “real dinar news” – let us know clearly that they WANT to see the evidence we’ve put together that has brought us to our own personal conclusion that it is indeed TNT Tony who is named in that Federal indictment involving 14 Daily Plus.

If our readers let us know clearly that this is what they truly want, and that they don’t care if it pops their dinar “hopium bubble”, then we’ll share it. Otherwise, we’ll conclude that our readers just don’t care about truth all that much and would prefer to remain high on hype and hopium and that they don’t care if they get their “intel” from someone we find to be a criminal and professional con-artist.

No matter what, we’ll continue sharing almost ALL dinar news, rumors and intel with you – whether we believe it or not – and let YOU, the reader, decide for yourself if you wish to believe it or not.

However, we also offer you our strongest words of caution regarding not believing what you are hearing from many of the so-called “dinar gurus” out there including TNT Tony, Mnt Goat, Bluwolf, Okie, and many others. They are not only inaccurate – in our opinion, many are also professional con artists acting in conspiracy with one another. This can be partly evidenced by their horrendous track records and stories that play off one another. Simply search our site to read their inaccurate RV predictions going back years and how their stories simply keep morphing and changing to keep you interested and believing in them.

In any event, it’s refreshing to read many of your comments on dinars.me lately, which would suggest that many are waking up to the ongoing disinformation campaign we’re seeing put out by many “gurus” and that you’re doing plenty of questioning on your own. We encourage this and encourage you to question the “gurus” point-blank on anything you find doubtful or nonsensical, as it is very likely deliberate disinformation you’re receiving.

Always do a “gut check.” Does what they’re saying feel right and pass your common sense filter? Or does it smell like bs? If it does, it most likely is.

Do you want to review the evidence we found that would convince us personally that TNT Tony is indeed Anthony Renfrow who is named in that Federal indictment? Or, would you prefer to ignore it, continue worshiping TNT Tony as “the patron saint of the Iraqi dinar,” and maybe attack someone who might dare print a doubtful word against “loveable” Tony? It’s up to you.

The ball’s in your court. You have to let us know if you truly want both sides of the story, or if you only want hype, endless rays of sunshine, bottomless rumor and marketing rhetoric.

Also, there’s no need to attack us for sharing our doubts regarding TNT Tony with you today. We have good reason for believing as we do. And, if you’re unhappy with that, and you’re reading this in an email from us, please — right now — click the unsubscribe link at the bottom, and you won’t hear from us ever again. Just make sure you unsubscribe all email accounts if you think you might have duplicate subscriptions with us, as we really don’t wish to bother you again.

And, if you forward our emails to others because you like what we’re sharing, be sure to delete the unsubscribe link at the bottom, else those you forward our emails and newsletters to may deliberately or inadvertently unsubscribe you without your knowledge. So, if you suddenly stopped receiving our newsletters and were wondering why, that might be why. If you’d like to resume, you my re-subscribe at any time at dinars.me

Finally, while we welcome spirited and intelligent debate and questioning of what we put forth, if you simply choose to attack, belittle, bully or insult us out of anger or ignorance, be forewarned that your message might end up as the next Dinars.me Mailbag item with our very public response. So, kindly keep your responses civil and you’ll likely get a very polite and civil response from us privately (or even publicly if you wish) in return.

We’re tired of the liars and disinformation artists, and so are numerous readers who’ve written us lately and posted comments. One reader asked us last night to balance things out more. We’re more than happy to do so, but we wanted to make sure they were in the majority that desired this before we did so. It’s hard to tell sometimes, as often when we post our criticisms we get attacked in return – but this is likely just from a highly vocal and hopium-addicted minority or from the “gurus” themselves who sign up for our list under fake names.

So, what do you say? Would you like us to share what we discovered? If so, let us know and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at dinars.me if you’re not reading this in an email, because we’re not sure yet if we’re ready to post that information on our site or if we’ll simply share it privately with our list members who’ve requested it.

Kind regards,


P.S. As always, we are open to your suggestions for improving dinars.me. Please contact us through our site’s Contact page, or hit reply to any email you receive, to send us your suggestions for guiding dinars.me in any direction you feel would be most helpful to you.  We appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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We received confirmation on Jun 6, 2015, via a civil complaint and asset forfeiture notice filed against Sterling Currency Group LLC, that there have apparently been one or more "dinar gurus" being paid by Sterling Currency Group/Dinar Banker, including TerryK who was allegedly paid $150,000 by Sterling, to essentially "pump" dinar sales. We've been equally concerned about the so-called "intel" and other information provided by TNT Tony (Anthony Renfrow) who recently plead guilty to wire fraud charges and was sentenced to 366 days in Federal prison on November 30, 2015. This appears to be at least his second major criminal conviction for fraud. "TNT Tony" apparently conned over 200 people out of almost $5 million in a Ponzi scheme he ran with a partner. The judge who sentenced him also ordered Tony to cease his involvement in currencies and told him no social media, no calls, no meetings, etc. And, after telling everyone on his calls how great the Iraqi dinar was, TNT Tony apparently told the federal prosecutor in court, point blank, that he did not hold ANY foreign currencies. Weird, huh? We think he probably had access to some of the assets that Sterling had placed into one or more of its many business entities (that were seized by the FBI), as he also admitted to working for Sterling Currency before quickly backtracking and denying it. Tony's calls had tended to pump up dinar sales for Sterling quite heavily before the FBI raided them. His calls tended to repeatedly build anticipation during the week before getting folks very "excited" and in a frenzy on Thursday/Friday for something to happen over the weekend that never did. This went on for YEARS (search our archives for TNT Tony). Tony previously participated in a paid membership site that brought in an estimated $30k to $40k or more per MONTH before apparently being kicked out by his partner and starting his own site. Tony's latest site has allegedly taken in a large amount in donations that *far* exceed any costs incurred in running the site or calls and is now apparently run by numerous professional con-artists including his brother "RayRen98" (Raymond Renfrow). You can Google "Raymond Renfrow IRS" for some information on him. As we no longer trust *any* of the "dinar gurus" out there in dinarland, we will no longer be sharing any of their rumors or fake "intel" with our readers who should consider all such information, on all dinar sites, to be tainted or completely corrupted by dishonest and possibly criminally-minded individuals.

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  • http://www.BirdLadySecrets.com Nora Caterino

    I’d love to see what proof you have

  • http://www.BirdLadySecrets.com Nora Caterino

    Tony said in a conference call that he was likely to be in jail shortly after the RV…..dunno what that was about.

    • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

      It was about him pleading guilty to Federal wire fraud and conspiracy charges relating to what’s discussed in the article above. He may get 20 years.

      Here’s our post from two days ago: http://www.dinars.me/damn-fast-dinar-updates/breaking-news-anthony-renfrow-guilty/

      • Cassandra

        DC has been notably absent from Tony’s calls since shortly after Dinars.me broke the news… Tony claims he’s on some sort of a ‘secret mission’…

        Tony claims he has at least 25,000 people on every call before he starts. On yesterday’s call, a woman caller (shill?) strongly urged everyone on the call to put a $1 bill between two sheets of folded paper and mail it to Tony’s PO box…

        I want to know the Truth. I AM grateful to TnT and Tony for inspiring me to get more currency, but I have lost some money in reserves…

        • http://dinars.me/ Dinars.me

          There are rumors that DC is Bill Fox, Tony’s partner in crime in 14 Daily Plus. We can’t confirm that at this time, but if so, he’s got his own problems with the Feds as bad as Tony does, as he was named in the same indictment.

  • Bruce_Wayne09

    It is him, i have done even more research to findoug out who this guy is, along with that there are other promoters with convictions as a felon. The district attorney handling his case has been contacted about this dinar thing.

  • elle.beth

    While Truth is not always pleasant to hear, it is after all, what will Stand long after all of us are gone! Yes, I always want to speak and hear the Truth in whatever it may be. It breaks my heart that some have ‘overspent’ on the Dinars, etc. and are in terrible financial straits now. I, along with a wonderful friend from Texas, who introduced me to this investment, my ex-husband and his wife, and our mutual friends, some in the financial arena, have been invested in the Dinar and Dong for over 3 years and are ready to realize some hopefully good return on it, but with honor and truth and ethical guidance/advice/intel. We all appreciate Truth, even when not favorable to and for us.

  • KittyKattB

    I personally want to thank you for your information. We have been following dinars.me for some time and I have always had a off feeling about anything TNT Tony has said. He has never given is accurate info on anything! In my opinion, we need to realize we are dealing with a country that has lost almost everything and is rebuilding. This is going to,take time. It will happen people. We just have to be a bit more patient. And NO! It is not easy for me to say. Just being pragmatic.

  • doogy

    he’s desperate to make some type of sale to push those reserves ( tax refund ) …….time,…even the tela eveng.. are asking to send money.

  • looking

    Bring on the proof! Thanks!

  • grob62000

    do you think the US, UST, IMF, the banks or any of the 3 letter agencies would be corresponding with Tony as he Dinarians rep. if it was so bad that they would not be trying to use this against him at this time. Leave it be and let that take care of itself if this is so. I can truly say; if it was not for Tony I don’t know where we would be. Probably without anything! My hats off to this team.
    —- Nothing from nothing leaves nothing —-

    • RealTalkNoBS

      Hey grob62000! “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing”, you couldnt be more correct, although you seem to contradict yourself by saying that after praising Fony. Riddle me this.. If TNT Fony and his team are SO great, and have such GREAT connects, after all these years and mostly the last few months, he has been claiming “Call centers being manned, rates up on bank screens, this is happening tomorrow”, why does he have such a horrible batting average? I have read that time and time again from him and his team, yet he, nor his team, can provide any substantial proof that what he says is correct.. Even further yet, we STILL wait. Nothing has happened despite his claims. So, when you state, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing”, you are spot on. TNT Fony is NOTHING, and you are a fool for saying we wouldnt be where we are if it wasnt for him and his team.

      • jon rouble

        Amen, I am a Dinar holder for 10 years now and I did not need some mental midget like Tony or some Okie Jokie in a itty bitty airplane or some woman named Mountain Goat to ‘show me what to do’. People who are in this investment ‘because some Guru had to hold my hand’ is in really bad shape if and when an RV comes, because if you cannot think for yourself independently now, how in the world will you do it if you really get money?

  • JR

    Yes he does seem to be one and the same scammer. Scroll half-way down the page here to see his true identity (complete with picture):-


    All these “RV guru’s” pretending to have “secret contacts” are all just a bunch of lying con-men playing well meaning people for fools, month after month, year after year.

    DINARS.ME NOTE: We edited this comment to remove what are allegedly the real names of various “dinar gurus” behind their usernames because we can’t personally vouch for this information that could potentially be libelous if incorrect. If you’d like to see these names and various allegations for yourself, you can visit the first link above. We are not responsible for the content on any third-party site.

  • grob62000

    whatever this is about, do you think the US, Banks, IMF or the UST or any 3 letter agency would be talking to Tony as a representative of the Dinarians

    • KitKat

      Because they aren’t sharing anything with him and I believe more than likely his new friend DC is William Fox also named I his case. Also I heard on a call that 4 different men in different states called the FBI and they know nothing about Tony. I also have read that the reason Tony isn’t asking for money from his followers, is because he owns part of Sterling, Dinar Banker. Tony says they have 3 million tweets going out; why don’t we send those same tweets to our states attroney generals.

      I also believe that the callers when things started whirling loosing their homes etc…were plants, I also believe that these intelligent bussinesmen and women that come on Open Mic are plants…this was done to make us help believe that these are intelligent professionals and they are all in. We all use screen names and we have no proof they say who they are.

      People take your blinders off and start selling your dinar back before March.

    • Bruce_Wayne09

      there are no banks what so ever that are going to exchange the dinar period. Forbes did an article about the banks and the 1800 numbers, the writer contacted wells fargo and the wells fargo person said they never had discussions about exchanging dinars. . Then they stated that the only reason they exchange money in the first place is for traveling purposes. an they said that no one goes to iraq so they do not plan on trading usd for dinars period.

      • JB

        I purchased my dinar 10 years ago from two of the big banks…guess we can hold them accountable for this fraud? Correct?

  • Ollie Hadfield

    Yes, please send the proof. I’ve been suspicious of Tony but my husband believes him because he doesn’t see how Tony is making any money from listeners. Most other so called gurus are selling currency or programs.

    • jon rouble

      Mrs. Ollie, tell your husband he must surely realize how many time Tony has been dead wrong? At this moment Tony is claiming that he is in high level talks with the Obama administration! Some body… please hand me the sick sack. I am a Dinar investor also, but these Gurus are all idiots, and I fear many got into this not really understanding it because they are allowing idiot gurus to think for them.

      • Dee

        How did you hear about the Dinar and what idiot told you or was it a friend of a friend was it your investment advisor, what other information have you gathered without listening to gurus, how long have you been holding Dinar, no one is made to do anything they don’t want to, if you feel you cant trust info or one particular source move on, stop fueling the fire…most the time the full info is not found, I know I have found out a lot about our Government I could have done without, and about a lot of whistle blowers who finally reveal their dirty laundry, sell your Dinar and go home…

      • Bruce_Wayne09

        sorry but youve literally been duped, an your gona have to accept the fact that you have been de fraueded by scam artists

    • Bruce_Wayne09

      hes getting paid as a promoter from the dinar dealers. they hire them to solicit the dinar as an investment. The way the dinar dealers are setup is, is a money service business. That means they are not registered as a investment advisor, and they can actually get in steep trouble. How ever they do sell options to buy dinar, which is a investment period. Western union does not offer buy reserves and they are money service business. He may also be making the money off the reserves. Do you personally know or even know if this so called certificate on the option to buy is even real. all it is is a printed form.

  • Al Boek

    Dinars.me Of course, everyone loves good news. You must

    admit, if Tony does anything, he spreads the good news.

    Sadly for him, and likely us, I belive these two people ARE

    one in the same.

    I’d like to point out something to those Dinar and Dong

    PUMPers out there that think they will hide behind fancy

    software, hardware, ISP addresses, tumblers and User

    names that this fellow had the best technology on the

    globe and he could not hide from the FBI. He’s facing

    over 30 years and he remains in custody, over 125

    days now, (flight risk). In many cases you’ve already

    comitted the crimes. Hope you earned huge money and

    had fun pumping them currencies. Undoubtedly they

    already know exactly who you are. They investigated

    the owner of Silk Road for nearly 3yrs. You read the

    complaint and tell me they don’t have this guy nailed

    to a cross or not.


    See the official FBI Charging documents against SILK ROAD
    and the founder Young Ross William Ulbrigcht alleged to have ran an illegal site for the purposes of illegal drug sales and delivery, hacking software and hardware, and hiring a hit
    man. Now in custody over 125 days, and pleading not guilty
    today. This boy is in a heap of trouble. BITCOIN was involved
    and the FBI has taken all his millions of dollars worth of COIN
    in asset forefitures. http://mashable.com/2013/10/02/silk-road-seized/

  • Ultra

    By all means…bring on the evidence so we can all make up our own minds.

  • phonema08

    All of these so called gurus with inside scoop has been nothing but the devils advocate. They have been getting paid from day one of starting these sites. While they keep good hearted people in limbo with the possibility of the big pay day and tomorrow becomes another day and another day. It only took me one month to decern this game. Right is right and wrong is wrong and any good leader or guru these guys profess to be they would wait until the RV actually happen and then send out a blast about the Rv. They have no more insight than you and I because these gurus are not privy to the inside workings of something like this…they’ve had all these people in limbo and on an emotional rollercoaster right. My heart goes out to the people who have been led down this path for years. My advice is to release this to God pray his perfect will be done and take your energy back and be creativity and begin to work on creating the life you want now. If this Dinar Rv…great! Just dont sit around waiting for something that might take years to come if it does at all.It will add to what you’re already creating. I feel so many of the dinar holders in spirit and a lot of you are in limbo, stuck in a stagnated place waiting..with the highs and low of this ordeal. Beloved take back your energy and power by not going on these sites conference calls etc, go directly to cbi site and watch from there and other sources thats not feeding you lies and emotionalism.

  • Jackie

    Please please please send the truth! I was thinking mnt goat was more credible, unfortunately! Knew tony wasn’t, and was beginning to believe okie and bluwolf were on Tony’s team!

    • Ines Radman

      It’s interesting how even when faced with a truth or fact that someone will deny it or attack for it because it doesn’t suite their reality. I am the one that wrote to the IMF regarding Tony’s claims of the RV and CL being a cog in the wheel. Their response was that it “certainly was a scam”, but even with the evidence, they claim it’s a general statement. I too have done a lot of research re: Tony Renfrow and have it posted on my blog for anyone that wants see it. inesradman.wordpress.com