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BOBGETZ6: What’s happening with the RV and the GCR

Exclusive to Dinars.me: BOBGETZ6 sent us his thoughts on what he feels is happening with the Iraqi dinar RV, the global currency reset, and some of the dinar “intel gurus” that so many have been taken in by.

Here’s BOBGETZ6’s message. If you post this anywhere, please include this link back to dinars.me: http://www.dinars.me/?p=22548

This will be an unpopular thought process, but it is mine and I have given it much thought:

I am of the opinion that for sure one, and more likely two intel providers, are connected to the current US administration.  I feel as if they are given specific information to put out to the currency investment community.  The information is that of “it is happening everyday” and thus continual confusion as well as advertising revenue and sales commissions.

It is my opinion that the holdup of the GCR is fully in the hands of the current US administration and always has been.  It is also possible, IMO, that this has been done at the direction of those who do not want the US to get out of debt.  The US debt is a bonanza for the international banking community and there is no plan for debt retirement.

I also feel as if this is not done within the next few weeks, the GCR could well go into 2014 timed to coincide with the Iraqi elections.

Sadly, there is a large group of intel guru followers, who cannot seem to think for themselves.  They await the daily feeding from their leaders and constantly live on the up and down effects of the proverbial roller coaster.

How inane is it that people follow those who have never been correct, and continue to blindly follow?  If someone gives me incorrect information more than twice, they are no longer in the loop for me.


We are in particular agreement with Bob’s statement that if someone repeatedly gives us incorrect information, that they should no longer be listened to or trusted.

There are many dinar sites that are profiting off of people’s dinar addiction who refuse to look after their readers’/listeners’ best interests and who continue to put out only “positive” dinar “intel,” which is almost entirely fabricated B.S. in our opinion. A solid 97% of it is GARBAGE. We’ll continue to share it with you, because many find it humorous, entertaining and amusing, but if you’re making financial decisions based on it, then you’re a fool, and you’ll probably receive an unpleasant wake-up call at some point if you haven’t already.

Fortunately, many of our readers are very discerning and are not taken in by the bull that many such “gurus” put out (we don’t believe it’s a coincidence that PTR always said “go to the bull” when they had a conference call on their site). We believe they knew/know EXACTLY what they’re doing — putting their BULL right in everyone’s faces to mock their naïveté.

Unfortunately, as discerning as many of our readers are, many are not if we’re to judge by who was recently voted “most trustworthy dinar news/intel provider.” Apparently, some thought it was a popularity contest — or at least we hope that’s what they were thinking.

We found the results of this poll shocking and they made us consider abandoning this site altogether out of frustration with the lack of discrimination in the dinar world. People are clearly desperate to “believe” anything…. as it appears many are willing to put their blind trust in someone we consider to be one the biggest scammers in the dinar world (and you can tell TNT Tony we said that if you’d like). We even offered 30,000 dinars to anyone who could clear his name, and nobody stepped forward. So much for his loyal followers standing up for him.

If you get a chance to ask him a question on his conference calls, please do so; and be sure to ask him if he was involved in 14 Daily Plus, or if that was another Anthony Renfrow who’s been indicted on Federal charges associated with that. If he denies it, that’s great. Perhaps it’s not him. But if it isn’t, why doesn’t he just come out and say, “Hey, that’s not me. That’s another person with the same name who happens to sound exactly like me according to those who listened to the 14 Daily Plus conference calls.”

We like Tony’s personality as much as anyone. He’s fun, positive and lighthearted. But, if he’s this same Anthony Renfrow that ran 14 Daily Plus, then he’s also apparently a world-class scammer/con artist who should be in jail for ripping people off for hundreds of thousands of dollars — not out on the street pumping Iraqi dinar.

Also, is this “our” TNT Tony as well?

Beware the vultures.

– Dinars.me

P.S. There are several “dinar gurus” out there in dinar land who are quite level-headed and who provide well-reasoned dinar updates. Our advice would be to stick with them, but only make financial decisions based on professional guidance.

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We received confirmation on Jun 6, 2015, via a civil complaint and asset forfeiture notice filed against Sterling Currency Group LLC, that there have apparently been one or more "dinar gurus" being paid by Sterling Currency Group/Dinar Banker, including TerryK who was allegedly paid $150,000 by Sterling, to essentially "pump" dinar sales. We've been equally concerned about the so-called "intel" and other information provided by TNT Tony (Anthony Renfrow) who recently plead guilty to wire fraud charges and was sentenced to 366 days in Federal prison on November 30, 2015. This appears to be at least his second major criminal conviction for fraud. "TNT Tony" apparently conned over 200 people out of almost $5 million in a Ponzi scheme he ran with a partner. The judge who sentenced him also ordered Tony to cease his involvement in currencies and told him no social media, no calls, no meetings, etc. And, after telling everyone on his calls how great the Iraqi dinar was, TNT Tony apparently told the federal prosecutor in court, point blank, that he did not hold ANY foreign currencies. Weird, huh? We think he probably had access to some of the assets that Sterling had placed into one or more of its many business entities (that were seized by the FBI), as he also admitted to working for Sterling Currency before quickly backtracking and denying it. Tony's calls had tended to pump up dinar sales for Sterling quite heavily before the FBI raided them. His calls tended to repeatedly build anticipation during the week before getting folks very "excited" and in a frenzy on Thursday/Friday for something to happen over the weekend that never did. This went on for YEARS (search our archives for TNT Tony). Tony previously participated in a paid membership site that brought in an estimated $30k to $40k or more per MONTH before apparently being kicked out by his partner and starting his own site. Tony's latest site has allegedly taken in a large amount in donations that *far* exceed any costs incurred in running the site or calls and is now apparently run by numerous professional con-artists including his brother "RayRen98" (Raymond Renfrow). You can Google "Raymond Renfrow IRS" for some information on him. As we no longer trust *any* of the "dinar gurus" out there in dinarland, we will no longer be sharing any of their rumors or fake "intel" with our readers who should consider all such information, on all dinar sites, to be tainted or completely corrupted by dishonest and possibly criminally-minded individuals.

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  • goodmorning just spoke to the owner of a reputable currency exchange in fla. owns millions of dinar
    his (I mean his as he owns it) currency of which he sells 100000.00 dinar for $123.00usd & has been for years !he is still buying dinar @ 1166.00 to 1 usd just yesterday .he said there is no one cashing out it is all a bunch of bs! he can see no change in rate in the near or far future & plans to keep selling @ $1100.00usd per million dinar also said he would sell me as many million dinar @ $1123.00 that I could afford!
    so if you think the whales are cashing out @ $27.87 the I have some waterfront property for sale in Arizona I would like to talk to you about !

  • soonerfan

    While everyone is trying to indict Tony, several weeks ago Tony in his call, fessed up to trying to game the IRS. He admitted his crimes, so dredging up his past is a little late, and a little self serving. Tony has been slightly incorrect in his intel, but who hasn’t? You don’t like it, the I amsorry someone is forcing you to listen. You got better?

    • BOBGETZ6

      If you will read my initial article, which is posted in this thread, you will find NO mention of Tony. His past is his problem as well as his current problems which is public information. He is innocent until proven guilty and that is the way of our judicial system and that is part of what I love about our country.

      As far as Tony goes, I have no better than he does, and from past history, I don’t think you or anyone else has either. I just tire of the constant “It is Everyday” commentary which makes for a bad experience for those that live or die on the words of others daily.

      As I have said in previous posts, in my opinion, there are only a handful of people who really know the how, when and how much regarding the RV. They, for just cause, do not leak information of that magnitude. They might put out disinformation to throw us off however.

      I am not forced to do anything or listen to anything. I either listen to or read it all as a personal choice.

      • I think he’s referring to my posts and comments, Bob.

        I’ve been putting some focus on Tony lately, because so many dinars.me readers write us complaining about him almost every day. I think I’m done with that now, though.

  • Norwegian

    Having been around the mountain nine years now, banned from many forums for taking a stand on COMMON SENSE and writing factual reality, it is rare to find ANYONE today who has reality in their thinking. The followers of the guru mania, are staggering. When I bought my dinar, there were only 3 dealers and ONE, yes ONE forum nine years ago. Today, last count, over 27 dealers and forums without number. Only thing that has NOT changed? NO RV! It is sad we can not speak our own thoughts on many places without getting WARNINGS that we are railing against the kings of the site, when nothing they say is true. Amazing. What has happened today, is SO MANY are desperate, they become CULT followers hoping and praying EVERY word these men speak is reality. Amazing how week after week, month after month, there are NO explanations, just more excuses. Nice to read some REAL comments here about what is factual. I find it hard to believe 2014 is around the corner. I NEVER thought I would see 2008 pass with no change in dinar. Thanks for all the common sense truth here. Lastly, America IS in trouble, more than we know, and all you have to do is look to Washington and who is taking us down.

  • Drayz

    When I listen to any so-called guru’s I take what they have to say with a grain of salt. I don’t pay any of them a dime. So if they have an opinion on something that does not happen as they thought it should, it’s still just an opinion. I see all the personal attacks on TNT Tony and can’t help but think there is mere jealousy about his following. He past record has nothing to do with the “opinion” he gives people today. His facts are no more definitive facts than any other Guru’s. So while I understand the polls and all that, it won’t detract any of his followers. Here is something to chew on; he spends none of his time talking about other guru’s. Why is that? I think it’s because he could care less what other gurus are saying or doing; he has his own sources. I see other guru’s spend more time talking about TNT Tony than I do them giving us solid information. Most other Guru’s don’t give us as detailed information as TNT Tony so they can always sit back and criticize. C’mon folks. The name calling and dragging up past things in people’s lives does nothing but make you look jealous. Get over TNT Tony already and focus on the GCR and the RV. He’s just a human with flaws like all of us. His manner with people is the best in the Guru community. People love being treated with respect and listened to; Tony does that. Quit whining about what Tony is doing and get to work to being credible yourself.

    • Drayz, thanks for your post. I will respond in today’s Dinars.me Mailbag.

    • ALLBUT6

      Drayz, Evidently by your comment you don’t have a clue about what is going on. Tony talks daily with Okie and who know’s how many other so called guru’s. Yea sure, I’m sure you would like to have Tony for a sleep over some time. Just hope you weren’t one of the many who he scammed out of $$$$$$. Once a scammer, always a scammer. Follow the money….

      • Drayz

        You got me all wrong son. I only care about me. So I could care less what Tony or any other so-called Guru does. I don’t give any of them a dime; why should I, they are only offering opinions. We all have those. LOL

  • Roger Habon

    It’s about time somebody had the boldness to talk about their fellow gurus and Bobgetz did the honors. Tony somehow gets a lot of fans because he tells (lies) things to his audience what they want to hear which is the RV is now, tomorrow, o not tonight then in the morning. Everything is set, everybody is ready, the banks are manned, the codes are the computer, but what happened it only got to the other region not the region that we need. What a hogwash Tony had been using to bathe his crowd.
    My question though Bobgetz is who pays these gurus to feed us all these misinformation/disinformation stuff.
    Without being too exact, do you think the RV is going to happen soon? And do you know about the rates?
    Thanks Bobgetz.

    • BOBGETZ6


      I truly do not know who “The Who” is. I think that will come out in the end and I believe that many of the gurus are being watched closely on several fronts by different agencies.

      Where big money, fame and fortune are involved, can the playing field remain pristine? I think not.

      The problem with the being fed so much dis-information, is that people continue to listen. People tend to be their own worst enemies. Sometimes the cult following reminds me of Jonestown.

      In my opinion, there are probably no more than a dozen who really know the when of the RV and the amount. They are not about to leak that information to anybody for obvious reasons. The claim of gurus to have secret or reliable sources is ludicrous.

      I hope that it is soon, but I am not among that dozen or less that knows.

      • Jack C

        Thanks Bobgezt6. What do you think of Maliki’s and friends visit to the Whitehouse coming up end of month early Nov?


  • Jack C

    This is a great site where people can really speak their minds, and I really appreciate that!

    For now I am going to put my Iraqi Dinar back in my shoe box and simply wait this thing! I really thought that Obama would want to see a balanced budget, but his utter disdain for this country could really pose a problem for the implementation of the RV.

    I hate to admit this, but I actually purchased some Dong. It should be renamed Dung!

    Ta Ta All!

    • Hold onto your dong. Wait that didn’t sound right. Let me try that again. I wouldn’t get rid of my VND as it may see a modest increase up to 5 or 6 cents per VND. Maybe not $3+ as some crazy dinar “gurus” claim, but still a very nice gain if it happens.

  • Jack C

    I agree Bobgetz6. Obama is a Trojan Horse from Communist Group / Muslim Brotherhood. Just look at his actions, not his lies (words). Lord do I wish Bush 43 was in the oval office now instead of this creep. I think that Valerie Jared is in charge anyway!

    Do you think though, all withstanding, that this GCR or RV / RI might happen this year? Was not sure about your comments about hedge funds and whales…

    Thanks so much for some clear honest discussion. I don’t go to another group I won’t mention a name to hear hours and hours of articles being read to total boredom, and no forecasts or estimates ever risked! You know who I mean!

    • BOBGETZ6


      I like your analogy about the Trojan horse. I also agree that Valerie Jarrett is our true and acting president. To top it all off, she is from Iran. That gives cause to the question about our easing sanctions and money for Iran.

      The comment about the hedge funds and whales alludes to the fact that if they announced the RV in advance of the release, if only by fifteen minutes, they could make a killing in the market. That might cause a huge change in the values of currencies. It is just speculation and supposition on my part.

      I hope for the sake of the total world economy, not to mention us, that this is done before year end. I feel as if we are close, yet very uncertain as to the timing or timeline.

      Due to financial needs for us all, and the constant “It Is Today” kind of talk, this investment is a true roller coaster ride.

  • wing

    Um…can you supply a copy of the indictment?



  • pif

    I think i remember reading about tony and his real name…it was….the artist formally known as con..lol

  • Jack C

    Yes, I figured out Tony a good while ago. That and other reasons is why I no longer go to dinarrecaps at all.

    What do you think of Maliki coming to visit our illustrious Mr. O?

    • Not sure yet about Maliki/O visit. I don’t like much of anything O does, though. I feel he’s a closet Communist (see “Dreams of My Real Father” on Netflix). I forwarded your question to Bob.

    • BOBGETZ6


      I think your read about Tony, and others, is spot on.

      In regard to Maliki, we always in dinarland seem to want to tie events such as this to the GCR. Should the GCR be the reason for the visit, I would expect the GCR to have happened, or just happened before Maliki makes an appearance.
      In my opinion, they won’t announce it and then do the GCR. The hedge funds and whales would kill them financially.